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The brick-and-mortar store will cater to all aspects of sleep and the numerous factors inhibiting Americans from a good-night’s rest. more
The leading institution deems this class most likely to have a major impact on patient care next year. more
A Texas Republican lashes out that "the Obama Administration has failed to provide this committee with information about the security of the... more
Breaches are up and healthcare entities ranked among the worst. more
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing large employers contending that its wellness programs violate the Americans with Disabilities... more
Waxing nostalgic, CEO John Chen reveals glimpses of a device carrying the familiar physical keyboard but with "enhancements around the edges and... more
Interactive tool can help policymakers and doctors close gaps in patient access to care within geographical regions. more
Axial Exchange CEO Joanne Rohde talks about bringing what she learned as the former COO of Red Hat to the health information exchange realm. more
The national coordinator will retain some responsibilities, including driving the office's 10-year interoperability roadmap. more
Following two top agency departures, some industry insiders are left wondering whether ONC can still foster the work needed to make EHRs... more
A look at the forces driving spending down could surprise you. But will it last? more
Among the programs starting to integrate with Apple's new health platform are those geared for physicians, including telehealth, information... more
Big Blue unveils new research lab in Africa comprising analytics, cloud computing, and mobile technologies to offer government insights about... more
Karl West discusses the health system’s approach to evaluating prospective mobile technologies based on a core architecture that involves scoring... more
Between an aging population, chronic diseases and high per capita costs, Maine health organizations have some steep challenges. more
Conference organizers are anticipating a strong focus on new technologies, from EHRs to mHealth tools. more
First, HHS revealed that Karen DeSalvo, MD was leaving and now another prominent ONC official is stepping down as well. more
The new Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative aims to help applicants focus on quality and efficiency, expand the ways patients communicate with... more
The Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT’s chief operating officer is stepping in as acting national coordinator while DeSalvo joins the... more
The vendors are working with a university to predict a life-threatening medical complication with the end-goal of being able to better care for... more
Each year about 75,000 patients die from infections they caught in the hospital. An analysis of federal data shows that nearly 700 hospitals have... more
Public understanding of the Affordable Care Act has not been great, with a fair amount of confusion about key provisions and benefits detected by... more
Physicians can use these 7 products already integrated with HealhtKit for telehealth, managing health data, and enhancing communications with... more
Perhaps the Ebola crisis can help focus appropriate attention on some of the non-EHR aspects of health IT, and bring population health capabilities... more
Partners CIO James Noga to share insights about how the IT savvy organization is approaching the endless opportunities the trend presents at the... more
Because the health of every patient is a big data problem, the National Institutes of Health is working to shape the future of biomedical research to... more
Organizations said they will "promote a standardized approach to interoperable data exchange," as part of the broader transformation from... more
The department is hoping to “advance the development of multiple products" for clinical evaluation and future use. more
Program aims to fuel care coordination through health IT, particularly in underserved and rural areas. more
Based on two years of claims data, researchers found that emergency room and hospital visits dropped while outpatient visit rates remained mostly... more
The JASON task force revealed its recommendations to ONC for advancing interoperability and ways the government motivate and encourage the industry... more
Several industry organizations outline steps for improving interoperability, revamping EHR certification, and offering reporting relief to healthcare... more
Despite all the backlash and criticism, there is evidence that health information is moving. And now industry luminaries are urging ONC committee... more
The forthcoming Apple Pay, Google Wallet and Samsung's PayPal hold the potential to open doors for electronic access in many industries but only... more
The Office of the National Coordinator has appointed a new chief privacy officer to take Joy Pritts' old post. more
"Rushing to do something is a recipe for bad policy," an mHealth and legal expert argued. "If Congress acts precipitously, it can... more
A quick look at some of the noteworthy changes. more
The EHR, interoperability and patient engagement work states are doing is creating even more stress on health IT budgets and schedules. Here's... more
The Federal Trade Commission, along with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, essentially put health IT vendors on notice that will... more
In a report to Congress, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT points to reasons for optimism while also acknowledging that much work... more
Hospitals really aren't as ready as they should be for an Ebola outbreak, or similar occurrences. And that applies to many more facilities than... more
Contract winner will convene a group of public and private stakeholders to establish the new national center. more
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says the tax is a "reasonable business cost." Even still, the ACA fee is going to have an... more
Community colleges and eligible institutions will be able to use the funding for health IT and cybersecurity, among other initiatives. more
The HHS inspector general says beneficiaries getting the treatments at "critical access" hospitals pay between two and six times more than... more
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says that providers unable to attest for two reasons can still apply for an exemption that means they... more
Whether or not government agencies will be forced to purchase HP desktops, laptops and printers from one group and then turn to the other for servers... more
Robert Wachter, MD, explains why analytics enable the best care at the lowest cost. more
ONC's task force argues that health IT vendors need more latitude to develop innovative products and calls for nudging market forces with a... more
The Office of Inspector General has again added to its list of the most wanted healthcare fugitives. In all, the OIG is seeking more than 170... more
After originally pointing the blame at Epic, Texas Health Presbyterian retracted its original stance. Here's what the health network is saying... more