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Within its interoperability roadmap, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT lays down goals for the next decade. more
In response to provider concerns, Patrick Conway, MD, CMS chief medical officer wrote in a blog post that the agency is considering a 90-day... more
"There's a gap between what people want to do and what they actually do," said Kyra Bobinet, MD. more
In response to HHS dramatic new goals for shifting to alternative models, some of the nation's insurance powerhouses banded together to create a... more
A three-year agreement between Indiana and the federal government imposes cost-sharing on poor adults and uses a cigarette tax and a fee on hospitals... more
Arguments for and against wellness programs continue, absent reliable data, leaving the industry with many unanswered questions. more
Mobile health advocates say the legislation's newest incarnation is clearer, more focused, and better defines medical and health software. more
Looking to improve IT and operations, the insurer signs on for a five-year cloud services and technologies contract. more
With the expansion of the CMS Health Care Innovation Programs in 2015, several states are allocating resources to the convergence of health and human... more
In this introduction to the HL7 interoperability standard gaining considerable attention, a look at what makes it different than other initiatives... more
ONC lent some serious credence to the CHIO role by naming one. Will other health agencies and hospitals start adopting the role more frequently now? more
Last year saw a spike in VC deals, incubators and innovators, and the number of countries participating in health IT funding. more
Technology stalwarts are turning toward the notoriously fragmented healthcare market with an ecosystem of platforms that could foster innovation... more
The research institute recommended that hospital CIOs and CEOs track these health information technologies during the next 12 months. more
The team will focus on recognizing vulnerabilities and developing best practices to either eliminate or mitigate those. more
Marilyn Tavenner, Administrator at the Centers for Medicare and Meidcaid Services, said Friday she is leaving the agency. Early reports indicate that... more
Most physicians think hospitals are making inadequate investments in mobile technologies and are frustrated with mobile electronic health records... more
Search giant joins team with PwC, General Dynamics, Medsphere to bid for $11 billion contract. more
Patients, physicians and taxpayers and the nation as a whole could benefit from a single payer system, a new report suggests. Obviously, not everyone... more
Even with the uptick in PHI-related security events, health entities have not kept pace with their incident response tactics. Here are tips for... more
Last year was perhaps the best 12-month span yet for cutting-edge technologies in healthcare and 2015 promises to be even more exciting. From 3-D... more
Call it untraditional outreach. CMS, via its Innovation Center, is investigating ways to link providers with patients, as well as patients with... more
Tool enables doctors or researchers to visually identify potential diagnoses, drill down for more specific information. more
Government Accountability Office to investigate how effective the funding for health information exchanges and patient data interoperability efforts... more
Seventeen representatives from associations, providers join IBM and Epic's team to bid on the massive electronic health records project. more
Accenture research found many participants do not have much trust that their data, health-related and otherwise, is being safeguarded enough. more
"The IRS ignored the plain language of the Affordable Care Act and essentially rewrote the law to hand out illegal subsidies in all 50 states,... more
Novartis and Walgreens will use Qualcomm Life’s 2net platform to garner health data from customers, clinical trial participants. more
Interoperability, outcomes, and new criteria for EHR certification on the meaningful use horizon. more
Telemedicine, the FDA's regulatory approach and, of course, the meaningful use program are among key topics for the new Congress to tackle in... more
Medical Practice Insider and Sermo surveyed 2,000 doctors and found that more than half will not attest for Stage 2 this year. One doctor summed it... more
The proposed FHIR standard is not just for EHR vendors. One HIE COO writes that HIEs should leverage the manner of Public APIs that FHIR could enable. more
The software also ties into a website from which public health officials are hoping to glean information that can help stop Ebola from spreading and... more
The deadline for proposals is Friday, January 9th. more
The Affordable Care Act created some intended and some unintended groups of people who do not qualify for assistance under it or any other law. more
The advantages of preparing for ICD-10 and SNOMED CT now, regardless of when the eventual ICD-10 compliance deadline arrives. more
A look back at what happened in healthcare and IT throughout the last 12 months. more
As scientists learn more about the Ebola outbreak's roots, health authorities are still struggling to fully contain it. more
Could cyberthieves target non-healthcare entities to steal medical records? If the FBI is correct about how few companies could withstand the tactics... more
Security experts predict attacks will become more sophisticated, crimeware-as-a-service will gain traction, and the attack surface is poised to... more
Institute to advance its comparative clinical effectiveness research efforts. more
You've seen all the interpretations of smart wrist-wear, from bands to watches. But have you heard of smart clothes, the new subset of wearables... more
In a case study generalizable to other care settings, researchers found that even though regular customization of electronic health records is... more
Two studies demonstrate the need physicians have for better access to patient information as well as the challenges of getting those patients to... more
The most popular stories on this Government Health IT sister site take a hard look at doctors who got convicted this year, hard-to-believe HIPAA... more
Smartphone apps for evidence-based medicine, trends and reimbursement codes sculpting telehealth's future, sensors and wearables, as well as a... more
The 89 accountable care organizations joining the program will bring approximately 23,000 new providers into the ACO fold. more
Readers' favorite articles from the year that was range from Big Data to interoperability to ICD-10 to security matters. more
Many innovative, clinical gadgets have entered the healthcare fold over the past 12 months. From Google Glass to digitized stethoscopes, here are the... more
A new poll also found that most Americans remain unaware about many of the health law's major features. more
Amid all of the policy and partisan issues on the minds of a lame duck Congress were requests for more information about data sharing and blocking,... more