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The legislation would improve the way security is developed and managed in the federal government and push agencies to take a more proactive approach. more
After an FBI raid, DOJ involvement, a decade-old payer is now facing some $25 million in federal charges and ready to cease operations. Here's... more
With an increasing demand for data to be more liquid, national coordinator Karen DeSalvo, MD and ONC officials outline their long-term intent for the... more
The State Innovation Models initiative is designed to fuel statewide healthcare transformation, as well as new and innovative ways to improve quality... more
With more than 20 members already on board, the organization intends to "speak exclusively for HIEs" and help health information exchanges... more
Watson's cognitive capabilities will help clinicians quickly make sense of troves of health information to, ideally at least, uncover patterns... more
The $1 trillion Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act of 2015 carries a fistful of regulatory and funding changes for portions of... more
While some think 10 years is too long, other industry observers are starting to wonder if widespread EHR interoperability is actually likely in the... more
A dynamic RTLS recognizes milestone completion in a patient's care progression and communicates anticipated roadblocks, thereby giving providers... more
Moving on these action items can help healthcare organizations achieve more than just basic transactional readiness or minimum compliance. more
A new report examines five vendors in the rapidly expanding telehealth market to demonstrate how Medicare reimbursing for telemedicine services can... more
Comedic jolts about drugs, diarrhea, the incredibly short lifespan of wearables and more from this week's conference. more
Incentivizing members to exercise, simple as it might sound, can have a large return on collective health. more
Federal, state and private regulations are moving toward increasing acceptance of mobile and connected health's capabilities. That means new... more
Why go it alone in population health when partnerships can be so much more powerful? more
Chicago is seeking and finding its underserved residents for preventive and primary care with the help of a local tech company. more
With many health information exchanges showing mixed success, the impetus to start digital patient data sharing is increasingly falling on payers.... more
By the end of the decade, the ONC is striving to have a national health information network that is more advanced, interoperable and informative. more
mHealth privacy and security experts attending a Sunday symposium at the mHealth Summit say healthcare workers will look for shortcuts if log-ins and... more
Despite the great opportunities for global health cooperation, a range of technical, economic, political and ethical barriers are inhibiting public... more
Enrollment is a lot easier than last year but much work remains, notably education and outreach. And most people have to shop around or risk a rate... more
Despite a security firm revealing the plans and tactics a hacker group is employing to determine market fluctuations based on drug development,... more
While Stage 2 is proving challenging, at least to date, Stage 3 "is unlikely to push the envelope too far," said AMIA CEO Doug Fridsma, MD. more
The agency put new measures in place to save as much as $327 million each year. more
"The key question is whether health spending growth will accelerate once economic conditions improve significantly; historical evidence suggest... more
Health information exchanges face an uncertain future, particularly in terms of financial sustainability, but there are three characteristics the... more
As CMS moves to encourage more participation in its flagship ACO program, those who generated savings and met quality standards in Year 1 netted... more
Healthcare consumers have not reaped the same technological advantages almost every other industry has. Here's what it will take to change that. more
As the mHealth Summit 2014 kicks into gear next week, it's time to ditch the pilots (and the euphemisms) and take the plunge. Just do it. more
Healthcare organizations can glean valuable insights from the large-scale breaches that have hit retail outlets. more
The new rule would give ACOs, both new and existing ones, an extra three years before they faced penalties, for a total of six years. more
Anti-ICD-10 physician groups are urging lawmakers to push back the compliance deadline until 2017 by adding it to a bill and voting on that December... more
So-called third platform technologies are going to take hold in healthcare, the analyst house said. more
Doctors leading the HealthKit integration charge at Duke and Ochsner will participate in an Open Mic session. So come and ask them about how and why... more
Guidelines and strategies to help imaging professionals handle Ebola, and other infectious diseases, will be among the topics at RSNA 2014. more
The agency also sheds a little more light on certification flexibility. But the hardship exception deadline remains. more
Lucia Savage will sit on a panel alongside top officials from FDA and OCR during the Privacy and Security Symposium within the mHealth Summit 2014. more
Members can walk into the retail store and use the telehealth station for non-emergent care to treat common health issues. more
A handful of executives from leading providers share insights about which skill sets are necessary when undertaking big data initiatives. more
While some are predicting a dim future for Google Glass, there's a case for not shattering the eyewear just yet. more
Despite continuing challenges, aggressive outreach by insurers and fewer glitches with the exchanges will create a "robust 2015," one... more
With cybercrime increasingly on the rise and the Office for Civil Rights embarking on more audits there are ways to ratchet your security efforts up... more
There is no turning back from data anymore, and now is the time to embrace it, federal health leaders say. more
Some reasons to encourage Congress to remove the geographic barriers to widespread use of telehealth technologies and healthcare services. more
With more than 100,000 customers using a wearable device to record health habits and earn bonus points, Walgreens claims it's working to make... more
A statewide, payer-led HIE that's set to become the nation's largest service for patient data sharing is working to turn a vision into... more
The case of a physician robbed of a hospital laptop at gunpoint, bound to a tree, and forced to give up the pass codes is raising new alarms about... more
A two-day event, co-located with the mHealth Summit, will focus on making mobile technologies scale to an international level. more
The Government Accountability Office found that five CMS sites are not adequately delivering cost and quality information that consumers need to make... more
Organizations that have been attacked have key knowledge and experience that can help others. NIST recommends ways to make that intelligence sharing... more
Penn Medicine Associate CIO John Donohue discusses what worked while crafting a bring-your-own policy, the things he would do differently, and he... more