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A handful of executives from leading providers share insights about which skill sets are necessary when undertaking big data initiatives. more
While some are predicting a dim future for Google Glass, there's a case for not shattering the eyewear just yet. more
Despite continuing challenges, aggressive outreach by insurers and fewer glitches with the exchanges will create a "robust 2015," one... more
With cybercrime increasingly on the rise and the Office for Civil Rights embarking on more audits there are ways to ratchet your security efforts up... more
There is no turning back from data anymore, and now is the time to embrace it, federal health leaders say. more
Some reasons to encourage Congress to remove the geographic barriers to widespread use of telehealth technologies and healthcare services. more
With more than 100,000 customers using a wearable device to record health habits and earn bonus points, Walgreens claims it's working to make... more
A statewide, payer-led HIE that's set to become the nation's largest service for patient data sharing is working to turn a vision into... more
The case of a physician robbed of a hospital laptop at gunpoint, bound to a tree, and forced to give up the pass codes is raising new alarms about... more
A two-day event, co-located with the mHealth Summit, will focus on making mobile technologies scale to an international level. more
The Government Accountability Office found that five CMS sites are not adequately delivering cost and quality information that consumers need to make... more
Organizations that have been attacked have key knowledge and experience that can help others. NIST recommends ways to make that intelligence sharing... more
Penn Medicine Associate CIO John Donohue discusses what worked while crafting a bring-your-own policy, the things he would do differently, and he... more
The office envisions that a decade from now interoperability and data exchange will lead to markedly better care. Here's how it intends to align... more
NYeC and HIMSS join forces with certification body ICSA Labs and others to "pave the way for health information to be exchanged,"... more
With premiums increasing modestly in aggregate, they're dropping in some states and major cities, thereby creating a lot for consumers to wade... more
The evidence is there and growing: mobile stroke units save money and quality of life. Should Medicare consider incentives to spur adoption? more
There are some benefits of including a greater scope of patient information in the medical record, but it might be difficult to convince doctors... more
Those categories of healthcare provider that do not quality for EHR reimbursement incentives have "dismally low" rates of electronic health... more
A SANS Institute ethical hacker said that securing mobile devices requires more than just throwing money at the problem. Rather, it necessitates a... more
Blues are moving into VC waters with relationships to Silicon Valley firms and investments in health information technology startups. more
In the new reality, providers face the significant challenge of protecting health data without dampening access to electronic health records. Here... more
Looming ACA penalties make remote care increasingly more attractive. more
Credentials, licensure, and a whole host of mission-centric skills that civilians don't always have access to make returning service people... more
As industries of all types recognize the importance of data, a new role is emerging in healthcare to harness that information and make it integral to... more
Providers and technology vendors alike face a few obstacles before use becomes widespread. The initial steps, however, promise to open many doors. more
A survey by The Clinical Advisor shows healthcare providers are using social media sites to advance their careers and network just like you and me. more
Our look at the most exciting smart bands in today's crop of new and imminent options. more
Stolen health data can have costlier, even deadlier, effects than other types of data breaches. And cybercrime is on the rise. more
What was once thought to be a Hail Mary attempt by Affordable Care Act opponents is now starting to look like a clear pass. The Obama Administration... more
A year and a half after the pilot started, clinicians refuse to let go of their phones or Cureatr. And they don't even like rotating to units... more
While all-payer claims databases are taking shape in more than a dozen states, the long-term benefits remain to be seen and will likely depend on a... more
Yet Americans still say they support electronic health records and information exchange, according to a new report by ONC that aligns with research... more
Will the Republican-controlled Congress be a boon or bust for mobile and telehealth initiatives? more
As Google course-corrects its Flu Trends engine by integrating CDC data, two distinct teams of researchers have demonstrated some success mining... more
CMS said Tuesday that after a slow start Stage 2 of meaningful use appears to be picking up at least a little steam. Is it still too early to predict... more
Looking to clear up confusion about the future of ONC, national coordinator Karen DeSalvo, MD on Tuesday morning said that the office's work... more
CIOs and CISOs can learn a lot from a consistent incident assessment even if the event did not ultimately result in a breach. Here are two steps to... more
Office of the Inspector General says investigators will be scrutinizing payers inside and out for signs of financial problems. more
CEO says we are "concluding our operations with pride," in the bold move of exiting a business and a revenue stream. more
Health organizations do not need another payer identification system right now, the Department of Health and Human Services has concluded. Finally... more
There is a strategic business aspect to all of today's talk about analytics and outcomes. more
These half-dozen doctors were convicted for egregious fraud, overprescribing and, believe it or not, even worse crimes. more
The brick-and-mortar store will cater to all aspects of sleep and the numerous factors inhibiting Americans from a good-night’s rest. more
The leading institution deems this class most likely to have a major impact on patient care next year. more
A Texas Republican lashes out that "the Obama Administration has failed to provide this committee with information about the security of the... more
Breaches are up and healthcare entities ranked among the worst. more
The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission is suing large employers contending that its wellness programs violate the Americans with Disabilities... more
Waxing nostalgic, CEO John Chen reveals glimpses of a device carrying the familiar physical keyboard but with "enhancements around the edges and... more
Interactive tool can help policymakers and doctors close gaps in patient access to care within geographical regions. more
Axial Exchange CEO Joanne Rohde talks about bringing what she learned as the former COO of Red Hat to the health information exchange realm. more