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The cacophony of healthcare entities joining the discussion make one fact abundantly clear: There is no shortage of ideas. more
The time has to come to examine how telemedicine practices, services and technologies can bolster the Triple Aim of better care for individuals that... more
Federally-funded centers are moving closer to 100 percent adoption and access of electronic health records. more
Along with new accountability, the VA reform law is giving veterans new choices that should help them find and receive the right care for them. more
Claiming that its software supports industry standards including HL7 interfaces, the Direct protocol, Healtheway and connects to 26 other vendors,... more
It's not the datacenter, the technology or security controls that create vulnerabilities in electronic health record software. Instead, this... more
Getting to the new world of doctors treating patient populations effectively requires new technologies and a substantive culture shift. more
Government Health IT spoke with IBM's Dan Pelino about potential synergies among the three companies, and what that may or may not mean going... more
FDA and Medicare officials conduct a parallel review of a new screening test for colorectal cancer and that could bring the test to beneficiaries six... more
With more insurers covering or even sponsoring telemedicine, more patients can start trying it out, meaning health organizations and telehealth... more
Despite the HITECH funding, very few health organizations are actually sharing information in robust ways. more
Is the company doing due diligence seeking feedback from prospective customers, or hoping to ink more big-name healthcare partnerships? more
A new rule mandates that carriers and app providers put the infrastructure in place to enable people in need to contact 911 centers via text messages. more
While holding back the U.S. healthcare system from the inevitable code switch, that notorious law could also help nudge advances in personalized... more
Technology can help hospitals and physicians control costs, improve patient services, and comply with regulations -- but only with an effective... more
A final rule would, among other things, bring hospital reporting periods closer together for EHR incentives and the Inpatient Quality Reporting... more
A third wave of healthcare's evolution is upon us in which payers and providers are going to have to adapt to ways patients want the system to... more
The office describes its goals for 3, 6 and 10 years from now, and the building blocks it hopes will help achieve them. more
The massive merger expands Cerner's installed customer base. more
States that embraced the law saw a significant increase in the number of Americans with health insurance. more
An innovation that is much needed and large-scale from the start, a new statewide information exchange created by insurers could be a model that... more
Office of the Inspector General finds that the meaningful use program neither addresses specific concerns or industry best practices for making sure... more
Legacy mindset, more than technology, is making true interoperability tricky. Lessons learned show it can be accomplished, but it's going to... more
Healthcare organizations can strengthen their EHR foundation with these cutting-edge capabilities. Here's a sampling of tools the marketplace... more
How AI and bioinformatics are historically intertwined, the promise they hold, and some of the challenges the fields are facing together. more
The Government Accountability Office outlined what CMS must do to avoid another debacle in the upcoming enrollment periods. more
As expected, Health and Human Services names a new compliance date and, in so doing, hopes to get the industry back on track toward the code set... more
So much promise exists, but the biggest issues still remain ahead of the healthcare industry in terms of getting patients on board. more
Tips for mitigating the risks associated with the electronic health records incentive program. more
As the Senate confirms a new VA Secretary, a legislative compromise addresses some key health IT areas within the department. more
The Affordable Care Act, along with factors such as rising healthcare costs and an increase in chronic conditions among Americans, haven't just... more
Delving into each of the department's four biggest divisions, and their upcoming IT spending intentions, reveals commonalities and differences... more
Bringing together information from all U.S. hospitals, a new data set suggests that electronic health records can, in fact, have a measurable and... more
The first study published in a major medical journal brings the highest estimate to date of just how many Americans have signed up for insurance... more
Three years in effect, a provision of health reform requiring new health plan IT solutions is benefiting many consumers, while creating new... more
There is a huge need to simplify and enhance the work done by the legions of often-volunteer caregivers. more
The burden of old systems and protocols is making it hard for government health agencies to use new, more innovative and cost effective technologies. more
Federal appeals courts have issued split decisions on the question of whether the federal government can issue insurance subsidies. Is the law headed... more
Work on the integrated electronic health record is at something of an impasse. Here's a look how DoD is seeking comprehensive systems that... more
Challenging healthcare advocates to seek practical innovations from patient empowerment campaigns and digital health technologies, Jessie Gruman left... more
Because HHS Office for Civil Rights shaped phase 2 audits on phase 1, healthcare organizations should expect the coming round to specifically target... more
Healthcare IT funding has surpassed 1,000 rounds, Mercom CEO said. more
A new report from the Obama administration outlines what states lose by not accepting federal funding to expand Medicaid units. But it does not... more
CMS is investing heavily in state-led redesigns of Medicaid delivery and payment policies, indeed banking on them. But there are still large needs... more
What was relatively unheard of fewer than 10 years ago is common practice today, at least according to the latest findings from the federal... more
In what is sure to spark controversy over healthcare costs, some hospitals are enabling patients to book appointments for emergency care. more
Growing pains remain a fact of life for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act this summer, with issues continuing to slow implementation of... more
The concern is that many physicians and hospitals have little choice but to make key decisions based on the proposed rule without knowing what will... more
Beyond health conscious young and middle-age adults with lots of disposable income, there are huge opportunities to develop usable and useful mobile... more
In its latest report, the Government Accountability Office outlined 6 statutory requirements that the departments have so far missed in terms of... more
Karen DeSalvo, MD, lays out half-a-dozen new working groups including ones the ONC will either sunset or combine with others. more