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But know going in that, as is the case with many industries, the gender pay gap is real, and it's substantial. more
The telling statistic might be how many providers see critical reasons to offer their consumers access to electronic health records. more
Companies join Centerstone Institute to build tools for helping patients keep in touch with caregivers to improve outcomes, reduce visits and cut... more
The Healthcare IT News/HIMSS Media Privacy & Security Forum in Boston featured 47 speakers who shared info and strategized over how to combat... more
Legislation that many CIOs would inevitably see as welcome relief would allow providers to attest based on a 90-day reporting period, rather than the... more
Slow and steady in health reform, the latest data from the federal government suggests significant milestones. more
Capitol Hill is buzzing with IT themes that "really matter to people's health," notably interoperability and patient engagement during... more
Only a third of agencies met deadline to ensure security criteria, while controls and data governance are also troubling issues. more
In the first known tests of its forthcoming data hub, the health systems are focusing on chronic disease management. more
The second person to spearhead ONC's patient engagement efforts brings deep experience in underserved communities, gender issues and HIV/AIDS. more
A quick trick for demonstrating just how vulnerable a network is, without actually causing any real damage. more
With 16 hospitals, thousands of physicians and four EHRs between them, Advocate and NorthShore combining is going to test the goals of integrated... more
The ongoing Ebola outbreak shines a light on how ICD-10 will ratchet up public health response by more effectively monitoring the virus. more
This one will not be fun to explain: A diagnostic lab discovered that files containing loads of personal information, including PHI, were indexed by... more
ONC stated that its intent is to make the program "more effective and less burdensome." more
The Apple Watch has the style and the name cachet to be a trend-setter, but will planned apps and sensors give it enough substance to entice... more
Will the Apple Watch be big step forward for digital health, or just a grab of the high-end quantified-self market? more
The Office for Civil Rights is aiming for a broad swath of organizations to audit, and providers' risk analysis will factor into how deeply OCR... more
The Internet of Things is coming, whether you want it or not, and that will pose new risks for patients and providers alike. more
As the company wades into healthcare waters with HealthKit, recent security issues have many wondering if it can live up to its promises about... more
Know the risks and benefits of the cloud and the risks and benefits of other options. Don't be afraid to wait, although with fairly strong HIPAA... more
Despite the breach, CMS says no personal information was taken. Can they be certain? And what of future attacks? more
The findings are good news for the Obama administration and Affordable Care Act proponents, but the picture is more complicated for consumers. more
The White House names a new chief technology officer and a deputy CTO. more
Hospitals willing to settle disputed claims for a percentage of the total are being given the opportunity by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid... more
Yes, the numbers are slowly getting better. But is it enough? And how does the flexibility rule factor in? more
ONC's overarching intention is to enable interoperability and health information exchange in the short-run and do so in a fashion that also... more
Daniel Nigrin, MD will discuss his experience defending against cyberattacks by the notorious hacker group Anonymous. more
Hadoop and NoSQL, taken together, might prove to be a once-in-a-generation database paradigm shift. Are CIOs and policymakers paying attention? more
Readers' favorites from June, July and August share a common theme of interoperability. more
The timing required for Stage 2 in 2015 threatens to push providers off a cliff, at least according to the College of Health Information Management... more
The department has pages of requirements. Here are some of the most relevant points about the electronic health record system itself. more
For certain patients, behavioral health services are becoming essential health benefits that some insurance carriers will cover. more
Because protecting the perimeter isn't nearly enough to safeguard your data anymore. more
A much-vaunted mobile health venture is getting closer to patients and providers, in an early sign of success for the FDA's regulatory approach. more
It's here, it's a fortune, and the Defense Department's contract is officially up for grabs. Let the bids begin. more
Cybercriminals are looking at mobile apps and devices as a way into hospitals' IT networks. Here's a look at what to know and do to prevent... more
A little-noticed provision in the law sharply reduced insurers' ability to shield much of that pay from corporate taxes. more
No state health insurance exchange ran perfectly in the first ACA enrollment period, but the federal government is hoping to bring on lessons learned... more
A revised rule creates an "MBAN coordinator" who will help healthcare providers manage wireless spectrum needs for mobile sensors. more
CIOs and chief information security officers and others will gather to hear from AETNA CISO Jim Routh, Texas Health CIO Ed Marx, a HIPAA enforcement... more
Will the VA use its new $16 billion in IT funding to lead it, in accordance with DoD, in the right direction? more
Ever since 1849, female physicians across various specialties have been enacting profound changes on the healthcare industry. And with more and more... more
A new tool gives community leaders, employers, public health departments and policymakers unprecedented access to health economics. more
Three electronic health records systems vendors rise on Inc.'s annual list. more
The ACA and insurance exchanges are revolutionizing health care but the phenomenon experienced as consumerization will be confusing to stakeholders... more
Federal CTO Todd Park appears to be moving west to recruit top tech talent for the government. more
Analysts are already predicting that the technology, though years away, will have a disruptive impact. more
Whereas the initial provision is a strong start, more must be done to enable consumers to enroll in ancillary programs, including SNAP and TANF. more
Following moves from rivals Apple and IBM, Microsoft heats up the mobile health space with a new partnership combining technologies. And it's... more
As the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs builds out its HealtheLiving Assessment toolkit, it's seeking cutting-edge applications it hopes can... more