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The Obama administration is boasting that 8 million Americans, including a good number of young people, have enrolled in public exchange plans. The big question now is how will new members fit into the risk adjustment puzzle? more
There are innumerable clinical, financial and compliance issues to be concerned about in this watershed era for the American healthcare system.... more
Sure, the EHR Incentive Program might have helped bring the healthcare sector out of the Dark Ages, but do these systems really improve the quality... more
"It is extraordinarily difficult for organizations to make the proper preparations and investments without knowing the implementation date,... more
Security is a nightmare for all companies, but the very nature of healthcare makes it far worse. Yet, some experts say, there is a way to get a... more
This is not a 12-month snooze button. There are steps you can take to help yourself. more
Just like the lottery slogan, "it pays to play," when it comes to meaningful use. Some ingenious calculations by Steven Posnack reveal some... more
The healthcare industry, poised for disruption from other sectors, may start to resemble other consumer-focused markets such as banking, music,... more
The online insurance marketplaces experience has varied, according to an interview with five state exchange directors April 10. more
Leveraging the guidelines within the S&I Framework is one way for healthcare organizations to position themselves not only for future... more
The challenge is on for the private sector to take the new Medicare payment data, and everything else that's there, and create decision-making... more
At a Capitol Hill event on Thursday, National Coordinator Karen DeSalvo shared thoughts about ONC's history, its plans for the future and the... more
Whether you are relieved or frustrated with the ICD-10 delay, don't waste the opportunity to make it work in your favor. more
Reports indicate that President Obama will nominate Sylvia Mathews Burwell, head of the Office of Management and Budget, to replace Kathleen Sebelius. more
In short: EHR, HIE and HIX platforms might be vulnerable to attacks that collect usernames, passwords, financial and health information. Here's... more
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on April 9 published information on the number and type of healthcare services individual Medicare... more
As the HITECH grant era comes to a close, national coordinator Karen DeSalvo, MD, wants to change with the times. more
Some providers are adjusting or putting plans on hold for systems readiness and training but the biggest question, budgeting for the project, remains... more
Don't be fooled - later does not mean never. ICD–10 is coming; it's only a matter of time. more
The meaningful use program progresses from its launch in 2011, and the federal government continues to pay out billions in incentives. Now, some... more
Tips for assessing and handling privacy and security issues, including elements to track and ways to with measure processes that gauge success. more
Those who expended great energy making sure their preparation would peak at the deadline are frustrated that their momentum went to waste. more
Some 5,100 patients treated at Kaiser Permanente were sent HIPAA breach notification letters April 4 after a KP research computer was found to have... more
The incentives help but meaningful use is just the start of a journey for large health networks to better serve patients. The big picture is much... more
The state's Office of eHealth Initiatives wanted to reach the whole spectrum of providers but quickly realized that a shotgun approach wouldn... more
mHealth is a moving target and at the center of much debate. A key long-awaited report, issued April 3, appears to show the regulatory arms are... more
It's going to be hard to get your C-suite to believe you on ICD-10 when you ask for more support to help with the transition, but on the bright... more
A new unit by HL7 and AIRA aims to create a national forum to target and solve challenges facing immunization-related healthcare interoperability... more
White House hopes recent enrollment success will put an end to the ACA repeal debate. more
Among the lesser-noticed facets of the Protecting Access to Medicare Act are two that aim to advance behavioral health efforts. more
Whether turns out to be a success or failure remains to be seen. A look at just how difficult the project was. more
Disappointment, questions dominate the conversation after the Senate passed on a temporary patch to SGR that carries an ICD-10 extension. more
It all happened so fast and with such little attention to a massive and expensive shift that the healthcare industry is left wondering how the bill... more
And just like that, the massive code set conversion won't happen before Oct. 1, 2015 unless President Obama derails the legislation. more
The American Health Information Management Association, the organization made up of professionals who manage healthcare information, is urging... more
For small- to mid-sized healthcare organizations looking for help with HIPAA security risk assessment, you now have a new tool at your fingertips. more
It looks like exchange enrollment might meet the CBO's expectations after all. But exchanges and insurers will have a lot of post-operative... more
ICD-10 has been the butt of countless jokes during the last several months but none so surprising as the latest one-liner. Only this isn't funny. more
Congressional pressure notwithstanding, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration is forging ahead with plans to regulate mobile medical devices. more
The prospect of another delay for the U.S. implementation of the international code set has many fuming and hoping the SGR bill gets revised. more
First they postponed voting on it, and then they came back around and passed the bill, after all. more
Value-based healthcare driven by consumer awareness has been the focus of U.S. healthcare reform since before ACA passed. Yet, it seems not a whole... more
Outward appearances suggest it will pass the House without much resistance. more
After an eight-month, internal testing and comment period, Continua Health Alliance has released this year's free global standards for personal... more
Stakes are high for groups that break state privacy laws, as Stanford is finding out. more
If your medical practice has finally accepted it needs to get ready for the ICD-10 compliance deadline, you just might need a heroic effort. more
The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has launched a dozen projects that will develop strategies and suggestions for Stage 3 meaningful use. more
How one CMIO instituted a "one note per day per patient" policy to help his health network get the most bang from its EHR buck. more
Congress is once again coming down hard on the U.S. Food and Drug Administration with regard to its mobile medical apps regulation strategy. more
A representative from one of the two EHR vendors tapped to take part in the federal Designated Test EHR Program says the early going has been... more
With all the emphasis on EHR documentation, doctors are sometimes buried in their laptops while they see patients. One app provider has found a way... more