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There is a huge need to simplify and enhance the work done by the legions of often-volunteer caregivers. more
The burden of old systems and protocols is making it hard for government health agencies to use new, more innovative and cost effective technologies. more
Federal appeals courts have issued split decisions on the question of whether the federal government can issue insurance subsidies. Is the law headed... more
Work on the integrated electronic health record is at something of an impasse. Here's a look how DoD is seeking comprehensive systems that... more
Challenging healthcare advocates to seek practical innovations from patient empowerment campaigns and digital health technologies, Jessie Gruman left... more
Because HHS Office for Civil Rights shaped phase 2 audits on phase 1, healthcare organizations should expect the coming round to specifically target... more
Healthcare IT funding has surpassed 1,000 rounds, Mercom CEO said. more
A new report from the Obama administration outlines what states lose by not accepting federal funding to expand Medicaid units. But it does not... more
CMS is investing heavily in state-led redesigns of Medicaid delivery and payment policies, indeed banking on them. But there are still large needs... more
What was relatively unheard of fewer than 10 years ago is common practice today, at least according to the latest findings from the federal... more
In what is sure to spark controversy over healthcare costs, some hospitals are enabling patients to book appointments for emergency care. more
Growing pains remain a fact of life for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act this summer, with issues continuing to slow implementation of... more
The concern is that many physicians and hospitals have little choice but to make key decisions based on the proposed rule without knowing what will... more
Beyond health conscious young and middle-age adults with lots of disposable income, there are huge opportunities to develop usable and useful mobile... more
In its latest report, the Government Accountability Office outlined 6 statutory requirements that the departments have so far missed in terms of... more
Karen DeSalvo, MD, lays out half-a-dozen new working groups including ones the ONC will either sunset or combine with others. more
Amid questions about measuring Stage 2's success, CMS said that the reimbursement payments continue rising steadily. more
The idea is to share best practices physicians use to help patients improve their blood pressure. more
The state offers a plan specifically for people with serious mental illnesses that will coordinate physical and behavioral services. more
When creating a holistic, efficient and risk-mitigating approach to provider screening, it is key that states consider a combination of third-party... more
Industry association calls on the FDA working group to include one more aspect of health IT in its regulatory plans for mobile medical devices. more
Startups are aiming to disrupt current manual aspects of filing claims. And they're tapping into cloud analytics, rules engines, and mobile... more
To achieve compliance with federal regulations and improve care quality, payers and providers can benefit from transforming their communication... more
And Editor's Picks for some of those that were the most fun to put together. more
Jocelyn Samuels will come to the Office for Civil Rights from the Department of Justice, where she was acting assistant attorney general. more
The agency also said it was considering a value-based purchasing model for home health services. more
A look at the pilot programs already underway that are trying to determine the role remote monitoring technologies, including sensors, can play in... more
The alliance driving data liquidity adds new members that enhance its capabilities and reach. more
For public health information exchange to flourish, many departments will have to update their IT infrastructure and better understand several... more
Health entities that are plowing ahead are focusing on these key areas to mitigate financial and productivity losses after the compliance deadline. more
Companies like Hobby Lobby will not have to choose between offering employees coverage of contraception and paying a fine. more
A growing cadre of health insurance companies are ramping up programs that target at-risk members with online weight loss and health coaching... more
Stay safe this summer. But if you do end up in an emergency room, try your own measures for patient-centered care. As the experiences of some notable... more
Lygeia Ricciardi is the latest employee to leave the Office of the National Coordinator. more
The rule would make it easier for consumers to keep their plans, but that might not always be in their best interest. more
Enrollment was only one step. Next up: Near real-time information exchange and robust analytics for gleaning insights that can be applied to better... more
More and more physicians are looking for ways to monitor their patients in their own homes, industry leaders say. more
Following on the heels of Epic's alliance with IBM, the competition to win a Defense Department modernization contract is heating up. more
As for the former dean of Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Al Sommer, MD, helped write a new report on the ways climate change could... more
Begin by understanding the "why," behind the "what," when training employees about cyber security, says one chief security... more
Given self-reported intent of 74 percent of clinicians to adopt tablets, smartphones and computers into their workflow by Q2 2015, the migration of... more
A new Senate report aims to uncover what went wrong with the launch of, the nation's online health insurance marketplace. more
The healthcare industry is already using shopping habits and financial records for predictive analysis. Now some are turning toward social media data... more
With an eye on accountability and technology, the department revealed one hire and a pair of brand new high-visibility positions. more
New payment and clinical integration models are coaxing health systems to take on the challenge of EHR connections sooner rather than later. It can... more
People want to blame doctors for their slow embrace of meaningful use, but a leader from the American Medical Association says the problem lies in... more
Any day now, the Supreme Court will issue its decision on the "contraception mandate" and could add more complexity to employer-based... more
The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services plans to continue to dump Medicare data out onto the public. And why? Partly because, they can, says... more
There are major hurdles to ubiquity but, in the meantime, work the FCC is doing to connect health entities will lay down the infrastructure for... more
You can create better relationships now with your healthcare payers while not so many medical practices are thinking about their delayed ICD-10... more
Former ONC chief Farzad Mostashari, MD, this week launched Aledade, a startup aimed at helping physicians form accountable care organizations. more